50 Sophisticated Baby Names for GirlsA little bit more sophisticated...

The name game, it seems, is changing yet again.

A few years ago, and indeed for a large part of the late-80s to early-90s, weird was wonderful. Now it’s bye-bye Satchel, Apple and Jermajesty, because classy is in.

In fact, we’ve gone just a few steps above classy this time. More and more modern parents are opting for names that have a – how can we say this nicely – decidedly upper-crust feel to them. If that’s you, we’ve got a great list for you to look over. Here are 50 posh baby names for your pink bundle of joy.


Ladies first, as they say:


The female version of Adrian, this is definitely a name that demands respect.


Meaning ‘cheerful, lively’ in Italian, it is perfect for a bouncing baby girl.


A version of Annabel/Amabel that rose out of Scotland to the height of posh baby name class.


A queenly name meaning invaluable, that’s perfect for a precious girl.


The Greek goddess of the moon and hunting, this is a powerful feminine name with timeless class.


Female form of Aurelius, this latin name means ‘golden’ and is ideal for the dainty sun in your life.


Thought to mean ‘voyager’ or ‘traveler’, this name is sure to serve as a classy reminder when your daughter travels the world.


A shortened version of Berenice, this posh name means ‘to bring victory’.


A classic take on the Aussie favorite Beth, Bethany means  ‘from a fig house’.


This gorgeous duo both mean ‘the white one’.

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