17 Different Types Of BoobsWhatever it is you call your dirty pillows, THERE ARE BOOBS TO FIT EVERY MOOD..

All the boobs in all the world come in many different types — baps, bazookas, bristols or jugs, whatever it is you call your dirty pillows, breasts have always been a source of fascination for both men and women alike.

Long before they are ever used for their biologically intended purposes, breasts are usually high on the list of assets in a woman’s perception of her body image, and often relate to how sexually desirable she may feel.

Given today’s extreme emphasis on physical appearances, many women are off for the hack and sack fill to pump up those puppies. The ability to change your boobs from what you were naturally dished out, to whatever you can dream up, leaves the flood gate wide open. It may be a case of being careful what you wish for…

There may well have been a time where I wished for larger, fuller funbags, especially after having recently issued a cease and desist order to my youngest child. I had had enough breastfeeding. While my mammaries have never been massive, I now have less than what I started with. Where once I may have had peaches, I now have pancakes. At least they don’t look down, if you know what I mean.


1. Uni-Boob

A boob job gone wrong where they sit so close together you don’t know where one ends and the other begins. Or one might have their well-endowed super soft jubblies jammed into an ill-fitting bandeau causing a singular mass of mammary.

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2. Peaches

Naturally pert, full, not big but not too small, well-rounded lady lumps perched with pride upon the ribcage. What we all dream about… sigh…

3. Melons

Pert, very full, very round. A larger version of Peaches. The optimal breast type for motorboating. Giant milk monsters!

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4. Lemons

Kind of bulbous coming off the chest with an elongated aerola. Resembling a lemon shape, these norks often point outwards.


5. Banana Boobs

Strap on your skis, this is one slippery dip! A long tubular boob with an upturned end makes the perfect platform to perform a Lincoln Loop 180.

6. Side Boob

A peek-a-boo of the exposed flesh at the side of the breast.

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7. Pointer Sisters

Unsure whether they are coming or going, these hooters are pointing off into different directions.

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8. The consciously uncoupled

Falsies set so far apart you could park a freight train between them.

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9. The train wreck

A boob job botched so badly you can’t not look.

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10. Bee stings

Teeny tiny tata’s beneath an itty bitty nipple. Fried eggs.


11. Bolt-ons

Hard, round, shiny, semi-spherical stuck on silicone tits. Like two half-oranges.

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12. Glass cutters

With nipples so sharp, they could cut bohemian crystal, one must be careful not to take out an eye.

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13. Footy socks

Emaciated and long, these bad boys must be rolled up and repositioned from where they were once pert.

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14. Pit Pillows

These boobs reside in the armpit. They have to be wrestled out of there Croc Dundee style to be wrangled into a brassier.

via tougherthantwomurs.com
via tougherthantwomurs.com

15. Waywards

Like a compass that points to true north, these often pendulous breasts are hardwired to be directed toward the ground, whether you’re on your side, the other side, up high, down low, too slow, they’ll just roll around the place trying to level with the horizon.

16. Widow makers

Boobs so large you could get lost in the cleavage. The only time you’ll ever be seen again is on the side of a Crime Stoppers milk carton captioned, ‘Have you seen this missing person?’

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17. Moobs

Gynecomastia is the enlargement of male breast tissue frequently caused by a hormonal imbalance often brought on by poor diet and excess alcohol consumption. Ditch the booze to lose the moobs!

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Thankfully, we’re all creatures with different features, with boobs to suit every mood.

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