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How to Clean A Soiled MattressThe Dramas of Having Children.....

Mattresses cost a lot of money. So when it gets soiled, you don’t have to buy a new one, you just need to clean it.

Mattresses need to be aired and cleaned regularly to prevent dust mites and dead skin cells (ewwww!) from building up. These can aggravate allergies and generally interfere with us getting a good sleep.

Mattresses also get a bit on the nose after a while from sweat and various other bodily fluids (again, ewww!).

Plus, the joys of becoming a parent, there is a good chance the mattress you sleep on will have children in there from time to time… who have accidents. Here are some tips to help keep your mattress in top condition to get as much life out of them as possible and how to preserve your mattress to fight another day!

1. How to Get Wee Out of Your Mattress

When the bed is wet, cover the wet area with baby powder, and place a few towels on top and if you can, leave it for a few days (not always possible I know!). Then sponge the area with a damp cloth soaked in white vinegar. If you don’t have a few days to spare, sprinkle bi-carb over the affected area, then sponge with a solution of tea tree oil and warm water (about 5 drops of oil to a bucket) and let the mattress dry in the sun!

Putting your mattress out in the sun is the best way to not only dry your mattress quickly, but the sunlight naturally sanitises the urine – getting any remaining stink out of there!

2. Spot Cleaning a Mattress

If the mattress surface becomes dirty or soiled, it is possible to give your mattress a spot clean!

You can wash your mattress by using an upholstery shampoo or simply with warm, soapy water. Wipe the area with a damp (not soaking wet) sponge. Allow the area to dry thoroughly. Do not allow the interior padding of the mattress to get wet. If it’s warm outside, you can dry a mattress quickly outside. You can also use a fan blowing across the mattress surface to dry it more quickly.

3. Removing Poo and Vomit from a Mattress

The key to a successfully cleaned mattress after an accident is time. The quicker you can get to the mess, the better chance of success you will have in getting rid of the stain. Use a damp cloth to ‘collect’ as much of the substance as possible.

Heat some white vinegar and use a damp cloth to wipe at the stain (careful not to burn yourself). When you have removed as much stain as possible, place some bicarb on the area and leave for an hour or so. Again sponge with the hot vinegar. Repeat until the stain and any odour is gone.

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