6 Important Tips For Multi Mums and DadsIf you've got two on the way you'd better be twice as ready!

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I have only been a Multi Mum for 14 months, so I still have a lot to learn!

Mothers go through a lot of tough stuff from pregnancy to birth to parenting. How much more when you have to pay attention to two babies at once! I asked other multi-mums for some advice and I am thrilled to be able to share a couple of tricks from our trade!

Here you go… 6 important tips for parents of twins, triplets – or more!

1. When feeding two at once

For those multi mums who mastered the art of twin breastfeeding – I say more power to you. This is a skill that I never was able to learn, though I did learn a couple of tricks with regards to bottle feeding. When bottle feeding two at once, place each baby in the fold of either side of your hip (baby’s head on your upper thigh with legs facing straight out – away from you). Have a cloth nappy rolled up and resting in-between the baby’s chest and bottle. This will allow you to quickly become hands-free if you need to attend to either of the babies.


If breastfeeding, but not twin feeding, feed one baby from one breast and then express the other breast. You can then feed the other baby with the expressed breast milk. I personally had trouble with attachment, so I would express and then bottle feed both babies. If you do not have access to an industrial strength electric pump, then I recommend that you purchase an electric pump and a manual pump. That way, you can express both breasts at the same time. Before I rented what I referred to as “the mega pump”, I would have the hand pump and mini electric pump and then switch breasts when they were on half way through to make sure everything stayed even.

Pre-prepare formula: Using a two litre jug, calculate number of scoops of formula for amount of water (measure with scales). Whisk it all together and you have enough to make 16+ bottles. Save time by pre-preparing the night before.

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