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Couple Charged For Neglecting Their Daughter’s Rotting Teeth

A couple have been arrested for neglecting their daughter’s rotting teeth.

Jeremie Ervin Maloy, 31, and Cynthia Grace Maloy, 32, from Florida in the US, have been charged with neglect after it was found that they ignored their daughter’s school’s pleas to do something with their daughter’s rotting teeth, The New York Daily News reports.

The school noted the problem at the start of the school year in 2016 when the girl showed up at school with “severely decayed teeth”.

Court documents state that the girl had complained of being and pain, and she could only eat soft foods.

Couple Charged For Neglecting Their Daughter's Rotting Teeth | Stay at Home Mum

In February, the Department of Children and Families began an investigation, and police had also been investigating since the start of this year.

School officials have also visited the family home a number of times and offered to transport the child to the dentist.

Police officers wrote in their report that the couple ‘never took advantage of this offer for the sake of the child, but Cynthia Maloy did ask for rides to the nearby dollar store to buy cigarettes and food.’

The couple were granted bail at a court hearing earlier this week, and have been ordered to have no contact with their daughter without the approval of a judge.

Source: Au.news.yahoo.com

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