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18 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Breastfeeding MumOMG Your Boobs are So HUGE, They Look Like They Will Pop!

Sometimes, our thoughts escape through our mouths without any way to be put back in…

Next time you come across a nursing mother or are in a group near one, be a pal and keep an ear out for misplaced comments or poorly veiled advice that sounds like it just shambled out of the 1940’s. They fly out more often than the actual breasts themselves!

1. Dude, your boobs are massive, bet they’ll be saggy when you stop feeding!

Oh, sweet cheeses, that’s an awesome incentive to have babies and then watch your breasts fill and deflate for the duration of your breastfeeding adventure. Firstly, attention directed at milk-swollen breasts is the last thing a lactating woman wants and secondly, the prospect of having a pair of sails in the breeze afterwards is just plain depressing. The thing is, it’s the pregnancy hormones that make our breasts swell and stretch and then ultimately move into a flat on the floor or two lower than they previously resided pre-baby, not the breastfeeding.Rude questions about breastfeeding | Stay At Home Mum

2. Hasn’t he had enough?

My boobs, nor any other boobs that I am aware of, didn’t come with a convenient little petrol-pump style gauge that clicks over as the milk drips out and emits a muted ‘ding’ every 50mls. So I’m not sure how much he’s had, or if it’s enough or when it’ll digest and how much more he’ll need and at what time that will be. Oh, and if he’s looking for more, it’s safe to say, no, he has not had enough.

3. Is your baby really hungry again?

Well, maybe, yes. It’s quite possible. They have tiny tummies and didn’t we just have the ‘had enough’ discussion?Rude questions about breastfeeding | Stay At Home Mum

4. There’s no nutrition when you feed him now

This is usually the bullshit dribbled out of mouths that are no longer able to be put into the ‘well-meaning’ group of non-educated advisory board members who don’t abide by the worth of breastfeeding beyond six months old. Yep, once solid food is introduced, that’s all that baby needs according to them. Oh and if that’s a toddler at the breast, then for goodness sake, order them a roll of sushi and be done with it! The abundance of nutrients and health-boosting growth factors in breastmilk does not change with inverse proportion to the age of your baby. It stays great the whole darn way.Rude questions about breastfeeding | Stay At Home Mum

5. Would you feel better if you covered up?

If it’s your face I’m covering up, then yes, thank you. Please don’t ask anyone to put anything over their child’s head, that’s just not anyone’s decision but the mother of the child.

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