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9 Super Savvy Summer Saving TipsSay that 9 times fast!

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The warmer months are upon us…and that means the kids are home for school holidays, Christmas is approaching and the air con is cranking.

To keep on top of the bills this summer check out these super savvy saving tips!

1. Turn the air conditioner to 26 degrees

Adding layers or stripping a few off in colder and warmer nights can allow you to keep the air conditioner at a reasonable temperature without having to work so hard and burning through power. Open windows and wear loose clothes in summer or sit in the sun with warm jumpers and blankets in winter. Turning the air conditioner to 26 degrees will work wonders for your electricity bill.

9 Super Savvy Summer Saving Tips | Stay At Home Mum
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2. Keep the kids entertained by making your own Christmas decorations

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The kids will love this! Have an arts and crafts day with the little ones to make heartfelt and homemade decorations for your home. Not only will this save a fortune on pre-made decorations but it will make your Christmas decorations super special. The kids will love making trinkets for the tree and dingle dangles for around the house!

9 Super Savvy Summer Saving Tips | Stay At Home Mum
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3. Check for coupons before heading to the theme parks

Most theme parks have specials on tickets and passes for the whole family going during the festive season, it really is worth keeping an eye out for coupons that pop up! Treat the family to a day out on the school holidays with “bang for your buck” discounts and deals.

9 Super Savvy Summer Saving Tips | Stay At Home Mum
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4. Save money on trips to the pool/cinema by buying a season pass

Season passes are a lifesaver over the summer break – instead of forking out dosh every visit to the pool or out to the movies, grab one of these instead! It is absolutely worth it, when the kids are ready for a bit of action don’t worry about having to come up with the money on the spot and have it already paid for.

9 Super Savvy Summer Saving Tips | Stay At Home Mum

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