stay At Home Mum’s Balls section is all about balls – yummy balls! Sometimes savoury but most of the time sweet, we love delicious edible balls that are also a breeze to make.

Zucchini and Parmesan Balls

Healthy(ish) comfort food!

Easy Iced VoVo Balls

A Twist On An Aussie Classic!

Tim Tam Balls

Chocolate Biscuits Plus Cream Cheese - nom nom

Milo Balls Recipe

Great one for the kids!

Apricot Chia Bliss Balls

Balls are life!

Chocolate Salty Balls

Put 'em in your mouth and suck 'em!

Traditional Rum Balls

My Grandma's Traditional Recipe!

Marshmallow Balls

Balls of fluff to enjoy!

Sweet Potato and Baby Spinach Balls

Have Healthy Balls!

Christmas Pudding Balls

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas......

Coconut Cream Balls

Great Balls of Coconut!


They are truly amaze-balls!

Apricot And Oat Breakfast Balls

The Up And Go Your Mornings Needed

Quinoa Balls

Chocolate Condensed Milk Balls

Perfectly delicious!

Apricot Balls

Most Popular Recipe on Our Website!

Cherry Ripe Cheesecake Balls

Yes we love balls.

Italian Amazeballs