How to Cut Your Grocery Bill In HalfBy someone who reduced it by two-thirds!

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How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Grocery bills are our biggest expense, and as much as we love to save our money – we do have to eat and live!

Shoppers are getting more savvy about what we are buying, and how we are buying it. We no longer just go into a shop and pay whatever they are asking. This is a good thing for us, the consumers. Today I’m showing you how to cut your grocery bill in half! Yep, by half – How?  By going through every item that you buy during your weekly grocery shop, and treating it like money.


You turn every item over to see how you can possibly get that product cheaper!  It’s easier than you might think!  There are some great and innovative ideas here on getting that grocery bill right down.  Read on!


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  • Buy the cheap biscuits – the generic supermarket brands are often as good as the known brands. Also look for the specials. I personally love the ones at Aldi – they have a great range of biscuits and they are cheap cheap cheap!
  • Bake biscuits in Bulk and keep the dough in the freezer so you always have fresh biscuits on hand.  Check out our recipe for 120 Biscuits.
  • Buy bulk biscuit mix.  You can purchase or make huge batches which will save you a fortune.  Check out large bakeries or look for bulk recipe mixes.


  • Grab out your breadmaker!  The pre-made bread mixes work out to be about $1.30 per loaf – are fresh and delicious and you can make them only when needed!
  • Buy large bread mixes direct from your local bakery supplier and most supermarkets.  When sealed well, your normal loaf of bread could be as cheap as 30c!  This is particularly good if you need to eat Gluten Free Bread, as it is notoriously expensive to buy at the shop.
  • Buy the generic brand bread from the supermarket. Again, I like to buy my bread from Aldi because you can get all the wholegrain, wholemeal and seed types you get at other supermarkets, at half the price. But if you don’t have an Aldi local to you, the generic stuff is still pretty good and much cheaper.
  • If you live in a hot part of the country, bread will only last for a couple of days before going mouldy.  Keep your bread in the freezer and only remove what you need!


  • Use less of it.  Often kids won’t even notice if you don’t put it on their lunches!
  • I hate to say this – buy use margarine in cooking.  Margarine is cheap and a good butter substitute for when money is tight.
  • In Winter, keep your butter on the counter in a container – that way it is easier to spread, thus using less!
  • Don’t buy the expensive butter, the cheap stuff is just as good in cooking.
  • Whip your butter in the food processor for a few minutes.  It will double in size, and save you money!



  • Look for the generic brands of cereal. Generic Rice Bubbles taste no different to the real thing.
  • Go to Costco if you have one close to you, and buy the bulk packs of cereal.
  • Only give your children a small amount of cereal at a time in the mornings. If they are still hungry they can have more. This stops waste!
  • Invest in one of those ‘cereal dispensers’ to limit the amount the kids pour into their bowl.
  • When you are nearly out of cereal, use the loose ends and mix with other cereals that are nearly out – and make some ‘Left Over Cereal Bars’.


  • Yes, the good ol’ champers is lovely – but if you are on a budget – here is a cheating way to ‘fake it’ that I discovered on YouTube. Grab some white wine and run it through your Soda Stream – instant fake champagne!
  • Believe it or not – you can now buy wine and champagne IN A CAN!  Now us people who drink from casks have someone to look down on lol!
  • Check out websites for cheap bulk wine packs.


  • Again, there’s nothing wrong with generic supermarket brands here. They are so much cheaper! I love the cheese at Aldi. They have 1kg blocks for $6.  Grate some into ziplock bags and freeze them for long life.
  • Alternatively, if your family go through a lot of cheese, check out the prices at Costco (only if you are a member – as it costs to have membership).


  • If you can’t go without your fancy cup of joe every morning, find out what brand of beans your favourite vendor is using, and buy a bag and grind coffee yourself at home.
  • Switch your coffee to the instant variety and drink it with evaporated milk – makes it taste just as fancy as from the shops!
  • Buy your coffee in bulk from Costco and keep it in the freezer to keep it fresh.

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