Stay at Home Mum’s Product Reviews are a selection of products both sent to the Stay at Home Mum Headquarters or products chosen by our staff locally to test out for taste, usability and cost effectiveness. If you would like your product reviewed by Stay at Home Mum, please email [email protected] for more information.

The Kinky Shopping Guide for Beginners 18+

Let's take it slow.. so slow..with these sex toys designed for your pleasure.

Naughty Bedroom Toys for Sexy Sexy Time

Beware! Things are about to get orgasmic.

The Day I Fell In Love With Video Games

When I saw my husband and two sons playing Super Mario Maker, I just had to give a go!

8 Australian Companies That Lead The 2015 Shonky Awards

Consumer Advocacy Groups' Hall of Shamers

So I Tried the EasiYo......

And this is what I thought of it!

All Shapes And Sizes...Let The Professionals Help You

Watch how to measure bra size and be correctly fitted

Product VS Product

Full cream Vs skim? Butter Vs Margarine? We put Australian mum's preferences to the test, the results may surprise you!

Chux Duet's Review

Product Review - Thermomix

ASUS EeeBook X205 Review

Sparkup Magical Book Reader Review

Powered Life Review

Pukara Estate Review

Britax Affinity Stroller Review

Review Zelmer Solaris Vacuum Cleaner

Magellan Echo Watch

Mersey Valley Pickled Onion Cheese