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5 Best Work from Home Jobs To ConsiderWant to work from home? Try these!

It is nearly every mum’s dream these days to work from home.

And there are so many advantages – why wouldn’t you! With childcare costs skyrocketing and the traffic and parking prices going through the roof, working from home is the perfect solution!

But what CAN you actually do from home? These are the 5 most convenient jobs that people can work and do — from home!

1. Website Writer

With so many cool websites in the digital world now going crazy (ie Stay at Home Mum!) – and you are good at writing – why not try writing for a living?

The actual job:

A website writer would need to be able to write an article, ebook, e-course or paper on any topic given. They need to work to deadlines, have good spelling and grammar skills. They need good time management and have a reliable computer and word processing software including a good internet connection.

What experience is required:  

Not all writers need writing experience. The best thing would be to practise writing on different topics, then try and submit some of your work to different websites to see if they are interested in taking you on as a writer. Look for websites or companies that do something that interests you. It is easier to write about topics you love, than to struggle to write about something you have no interest in.

What it pays:  

Most websites will pay writers per article. But if you are seriously good, you could get onto a weekly wage including holidays etc and still work your own hours. Writers can expect to be paid anywhere between $20 – $250 per article, depending on experience, content and research. A highly technical type paper could fetch as much as $2000.00.

How do I start?

Start writing down lists of articles you would like to write. Look through Pinterest or blogs that interest you and once you are happy with something you have written, try writing to them and showing them your work. Keep an eye out on jobs boards etc for website writers or editors.

2. Medical Transcriptionist

If you have a good grasp of medical terms, you can work as a medical transcriptionist for companies under the healthcare industry.

The actual job:

A medical transcriptionist converts voice-recorded reports that are dictated by physicians or other healthcare professionals, into text format.

What experience is required:

Some hospitals offer certificate or diploma programs for training medical transcriptionists. You must master medical terminologies and editing, can listen and type simultaneously, and use transcriber machine efficiently. You may also need “coursework in medical terminology, anatomy, editing, grammar and punctuation, typing, medical record types and formats, and healthcare documentation.”

What it pays: You can get paid from as much as $19 to $30 an hour.

How do I start?

You may want to enrol in some courses to equip you with the right knowledge in being a medical transcriptionist. Here are some of them:

via wahadventures.com

3. Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant covers many many differing types of job. But if you are great on the internet, can type, are a mad organiser or a former secretary, this could be the job for you! Many small businesses employ a virtual assistant when they cannot afford a full time staff member, but still need assistance.

The actual job:

Being a Virtual Assitant involves ‘signing on’ at a specific time for an employer, and working through the different jobs that they give you. These jobs could be anything from data entry, writing letters, setting appointments or collating information. Most employers can keep an eye on you through various programs to see what you are doing (i.e not slacking off) and a lot of training is usually given.

What experience is required:

Basic secretarial skills is a must to be a virtual assistant. You must be able to type, use a spreadsheet, answer a phone and use an online calendar. Differing jobs however will require a different set of skills, so work with your strengths.

What does it pay?

Virtual Assistants in Australia can be paid anywhere between $22 and $80 per hour depending on the work they are doing, and the amount of former experience and expertise they have.

How do I start?

Brush up your resume first. There are loads of places to start seeking work – they include:


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