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How To Create A Business Facebook PageGet started today!

How to Create a Business Facebook Page

A good marketing strategy is one of the most important tools a new business can have and with social media such a big thing in our everyday lies now, it is a great platform for getting your name out there! Facebook has become an incredibly useful advertising medium for business and unless you choose to do paid adverts its also completely free, making it great for small businesses trying to get started with minimal cash flow.

Before you decide to create a page you need to be ready to operate as a business in some respect. It may be as simple as linking your blog to your page or perhaps your ready to start selling through facebook, you just need to make sure you have something to offer your audience to keep them coming back and get them sharing you with others.

Once you know you have something to offer it is time to get creative. You will need to have logos or pictures ready to go that identify your business to be used as profile and cover pictures. Perhaps you have a professionally produced logo to use or pictures of your products or services, any of these are great as long as they represent you and uniquely identify your business. Make sure anything you display is not protected by a copyright and you have permission to use it if it has been photographed or created by someone else.

Once you have pictures and something to offer you’re ready to start page building. If your not a facebook user you will need to sign up before creating a business page. Once you have an account, you will find in the top right hand corner of your facebook page, in the big blue bar, a little downward pointing arrow and if you left click this, a list will appear and in that list you will find the option to “create page”. Click this and you can get started by following a few simple steps:

  • Choose a page type, such as local business, brand, product, company etc, most of the time ‘local business or place’ will be the most appropriate choice.
  • Choose a category; there are heaps, so just pick the one that most closely represents your business’ offerings. If you have trouble finding one that fits you, just choose ‘local business’.
  • Enter your business name and address/contact details. Giving exact details will enable people to find you on google maps through facebook, if you work from home and don’t wish to give out this information just enter your suburb, city and postcode. If you don’t want your number to be visible this can be changed later in privacy settings. This info will show up under your profile picture on the page.
  • Click ‘get started’ and the next screen will prompt you for further category info, a description of what your business does, a website if you have one (this box can also be used for blog or twitter links) and to create your own unique facebook address.
  • Add a profile picture to your page.
  • Add your page to your favourites list so it is easy to find, it is also a great idea, if you use facebook on your phone to download the free ‘pages manager’ app to your phone as this gives you greater access and control while on the go.
  • If you want to try some paid advertising you are given this option, but we recommend leaving this for a bit until after your page is up and running, you can get great reach without it costing you money.
  • Your page will now appear but seem quite incomplete. Now is the time to add a cover photo, post something for people to see when they like your page, add opening hours if you have set ones and update the about section of your page to include more detailed information about your business.
  • At the top of your new page will be the page manager, this shows new likers, messages, notifications and insights and is also where you edit all your settings, explore this part of your page and get to know how it works. You can hide this part if you don’t want to see it all the time and just click ‘show’ to get it back.
  • Lastly to get your page out there send invites to your facebook friends to like your page and make sure you have also liked it, then get posting and sharing!

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