• Shit Does Not Just Happen!

Shit Does Not Just Happen!What kind of people are they???

The world has gone completely fucking mad; I swear.

Currently on the internet recordings of people shitting themselves has gone viral. This vomit worthy material is circulating in a big way and I for one am shook.

Shit Does Not Just Happen | Stay At Home Mum

While I realise plenty of people may have had an accident during the course of their existence. You can usually put it down to an illness. We’ve all had those gastro feels. But, if you do get sick, being in public is not recommended.

Or at least that’s what I thought.



There are some filthy and obscene human beings that choose to continue about their daily business despite requiring a toilet. They don’t let it interrupt their obviously very important duties. They just incorporate it with whatever they seem to be doing. Seriously; what the actual fuck! I am in absolute shock. When did taking a dump in public become a thing? When did tossing a turd from your undies in the middle of a crowded shopping centre become normal behaviour?

I’ll tell you when. Never!

Of all the inappropriate behaviours we’ve come to accept in today’s ever evolving society, shitting in public will never be one of them. I’m not even sure why it is these videos are gaining so much momentum. Watching some psychopath snap one off in the doughnut section of a convenience store really does give another meaning to chocolate icing, doesn’t it?


I don’t know about anyone else, but to take a shit anywhere I have to be is extremely comfortable. I can tell you right now a majority of woman would have trouble taking a dump any place but their own home. So how is it, these foul individuals feel relaxed enough to bust out a crap in extremely public places? Like what are they thinking? Did they not feel their stomach rumble or their sphincter clenching? I honestly just have questions and at an absolute loss for answers.

I am perplexed as to why or how in fact there is such an abundance of footage available on this topic. I mean we’ve all heard of scat porn (2 girls, one cup) and the Cleveland steamer (taking a dump on your partner’s chest during sex). But these are all jokes right. I mean it’s something you either ignore, laugh at or send to your best friend in an attempt to make them vomit over breakfast. Not something people actually do.

I knew people were disgusting, but so many?

Aside from it being just plan filthy. These people clearly haven’t even considered how unhygienic what they’re doing is. Both personally and for the rest of the world. These sick fucks are exposing us to diseases such as hepatitis, cholera, typhoid and more by insisting on public defecation. Then to top that off, none of them seem to wipe or wash their hands and continue pretending like they didn’t just take a shit while exiting the escalator.

I am a woman and 100% confused as to how there’s so many images being captured of women in the act. They’re in nightclubs, at bus stops, in stores and on stairwells. Some continue walking whilst flinging a turd from their underwear. Others are purposely positioning their peaches over bench seats in order to crap publicly without attracting attention. That in itself is ridiculous. We’re all aware we don’t piss perfume or poop rainbows. We aren’t fucking unicorns. So what makes these people think that nobody would smell it? I realise quite often they walk away from the crime scene. But no wiping?! I could only imagine the lingering odour remaining attached to their arse crack. A foul stench of dried nugget stored around their ghastly shit chute.


What kind of people are they?

You’d have to be some kind of fucked up if you can casually walk through a crowd while taking a dump. There’s not one person I know that would be cool with this.

There is no valid reason you cannot use a toilet and with plenty publicly available these days, being unable to find one isn’t an excuse. It’s just wrong on so many levels.

In my attempt to try and explain this bizarre phenomenon not only have I lost my appetite; but also my faith in humanity.

If you are one of these people you honestly need some serious ongoing help. You’re either unwell, like in the head; or an absolute grot. Either way though it seems you now have the world’s attention.

Thanks to CCTV footage your filth has gone viral. In a day and age where video footage is captured in 90% of public places you’d want to watch where you drop your dump.

Because we all know.

Shit like this does not just happen!

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